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Cellarium (lat.): storage cellar
Press Releases
General Information on the Cellarium Online Shop

The Cellarium Online Shop offers products of monasteries, christian orders and selected companies. We also sell products of the Telab Riedling KG.

The motto at its foundation was:

"Known and Unknown Goods from Monastery Shops", meaning, in particular, also rare objects. We offer products that are not generally available.

The Cellarium Online Shop has been founded in mid-2009 and has been the official monastery webshop of the Abbey of Lilienfeld, Lower Austria, from its beginnings. We soon could win many other partners, such as the Benedictine Abbey of St. Paul im Lavanttal, Carinthia, Austria; the Benedictine "Europakloster" Gut Aich, Salzburg, Austria; the Benedictine Abbey of Kremsmünster, Upper Austria; the Cistercian Nunnery Mariastern-Gwiggen, Vorarlberg, Austria; the Benedictine Abbey of Gerleve, Germany; or the Benedictine Abbey of Siegburg, Germany.

We have designed the Cellarium Online Shop as a complement to existing monastery shops, in particular due to our focused range of merchandise:

Books, art, media, genuine Carmelite herb spirit, liqueur and presents.

After some time to get going, we are now presenting the Cellarium Online Shop in a variety of media. We are conducting press campaigns at home and abroad on a regular base.

Current press releases
Date Title Language
2014-06-03 Cellarium Online Klosterladen: Wir zeigen und verkaufen, was Klöster produzierenin German
2013-04-11 Die Entwicklung des Cellarium Online Klosterladensin German
2012-09-25 Die Arbeitsweise des Cellarium Online Klosterladensin German
2011-02-17 Der Cellarium Web-Klosterladen - Klosterprodukte und Raritäten aus Österreich und Deutschlandin German
2011-02-11 Neu im Cellarium Web-Klosterladen: "Turmbau zu Babel" - Nachdruck der Guckkastenkrippen der Gebrüder Engelbrecht, Augsburg 1712 - 1735in German
2011-01-22 Der Cellarium Web-Klosterladen wächst mit Produkten aus Österreich und Deutschlandin German