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Abbey of Lilienfeld
Abbey of Lilienfeld Title: Stift Lilienfeld - Bilder der Stille (Abbey of Lilienfeld, Austria - pictures of silence

Inhalt: The abolutely silent DVD! Meditative and impressive pictures from the Abbey of Lilienfeld, the largest medieval monastic complex of Austria: with the medieval cloister, the chapter hall, the dormitory for the lay brothers, the cellar and the largest church of Lower Austria. It was founded 1202. A few sentences in German, written by Cistercian monks in the 12 th century, are presented as overlays to some pictures.
Publisher: Telab GesbR, Dr. Eveline Riedling und Mitges.
Pictures: Karl Riedling
Design: Eveline Riedling
Year: 2008
Price: 12 Euro