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Cellarium (lat.): storage cellar
Medien - Bücher, CDs, DVDs:
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Medien - Bücher, CDs, DVDs
        Kluges fürs Leben - von lebenserfahrenen, ganz und gar nicht weltfremden Ordensleuten
        Ignatius from Loyola
        Cistercian Spirituality
        Counselling and Christian Spirituality
        Holy Orders
        Exhibition catalogues
        Books on Monasteries and Churches
        Cookery Books
        Illustrated Books (Monastery Architecture, Art, etc.)
        Meditation - books, pictures, etc.
        Collectors' Items and Rarities
    New Media: Audio CDs, Video DVDs (with short trailer)
        Various Audio CDs
            Gregorian Chants
            Sacral Music from Monasteries and Churches
            Dances - round dances - prayer dances - and exercises
        Video DVDs - unusual and fascinating: the silent pictures - or pictures and Gregorian Chants