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Cellarium (lat.): storage cellar
About us - this was the Cellarium team

Eveline Riedling

Eveline 2020

Represents the Cellarium Online Shop to customers, monastries and companies.

Responsible for purchasing, contacts to monastries and congregations and companies, selection of the range of goods, content of the website, inventory holding, etc.

Born in Vienna, academic studies of mathematics, physics and chemistry, doctor of natural sciences (informatics), scientist at the Vienna University of Technology (faculty of Electrical Engineering), founder and head of the Telematics Reserach Lab, head of national and international projects. Founder of the company Telab GesbR (IT, e-Learning) together with Karl Riedling.

Systemic and spiritual coach

2009 founder of the Telab Riedling KG and and the Cellarium online monastry shop - together with Karl Riedling

Karl Riedling (2.2.1948 - 2.7.2020)

Karl 2017

Born 1948 in Vienna, Austria. Studies of electrical engineering at the Vienna University of Technology; diploma 1972, doctor of technical sciences 1978, habilitation 1988. Retired as an associate professor at the Vienna University of Technology in 2013; still active as lecturer and consulent at the Vienna University of Technology, as manager of the Austrian Physical Society (since 2011) and secretary general of the Society for Micro- and Nanoelectonics (since 1990). Since the end of the 1990-ies intense activities on web-based database systems; development and maintenance of numerous database systems.

Responsible for the technical development, improvement and maintenance of the Cellarium Online Shop and for the product presentation images displayed in the Shop.

Homepage of Karl Riedling

Christine Klingler

Since January 2014 volunteering for the Cellarium Online Shop.

Before she came to the monastery shop she workes as salesperson in drugstores. Because of her experise she became a very valuable volunteer for Cellarium.