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Cellarium (lat.): storage cellar
Background Information on the Cellarium Webshop and its Products:
Background Information: The "Cellarium" Webshop
Cellarium Lilienfeld AbbeyFive years ago, when we visited the Abbey of Lilienfeld for the first time and entered its cellarium, we were deeply impressed by the atmosphere of peace and prayer and the strong feeling of warmth and stability which this room conveyed, notwithstanding that its original purpose was a rather secular one: The medieval monks had stored their wine and food there. This synthesis between the deep Christian spirituality of an abbey on the one and secular purposes on the other hand caused us to make the Lilienfeld cellarium a "trade mark" of our webshop, with which we intend to convey the spirituality of the products of Christian monasteries, convents and orders to a broad secular public.

Today, there are no more wine barrels or cabbages in the cellarium of Lilienfeld abbey: The space has been carefully renovated, and light and heating have been installed. The cellarium is now available as exceedingly impressive surroundings for events.

October 2009
Eveline & Karl Riedling
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